Hazelnut Panettone with almonds


Hazelnut Neapolitan Panettone with an exquisite almond icing 1 kg produced following the traditional recipe in our factory. Tasting the soft and fragrant hazelnut Panettone, you will first try the crunchy delights of icing, then you will be inebriated by the inviting softness of the dough, with a delicious taste of butter and raisins sweetness of candied fruits. The hazelnut panettone 1 kg with almonds will be served in a stylish decorated box, perfect as a Christmas gift.


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Hazelnut Neapolitan Panettone with an exquisite frosting with almonds, rich in butter, raisins and candied fruit. Weight 1 kg. Typical unique taste!

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Weight 1000 g


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