mostaccioli scuri

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  • Mostaccioli white and black

    Mostaccioli are Christmas sweets with a characteristic rhombus shape covered with an inviting dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate icing. An elegant tray composed of soft dark chocolate mostaccioli and white mostaccioli, covered with white chocolate. How can you resist the temptation of delicious chocolate and the soft almond-flavored filling? [ig_button button_text="SCHEDA PRODOTTO" link_type="url" button_type_url="" open_in="new_browser" target="_blank" icon="icon-list-view" button_size="default" button_color="btn-default" button_margin_top="1" button_margin_right="1" button_margin_bottom="1" button_margin_left="1" ]][/ig_button]
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